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...when Fantasy Sex is often a great deal more.

Making it Real...

Over coffee one day recently with colleagues, the team were taking a break from recording. The conversation drifted around to sexual experiences (it rarely ever gets off that particular topic…) Specifically, some of the women were saying that ‘phone sex, sexting and Skype sex were real, emotional interactions; equivalent to having sex with a partner, even though they were not present.

Predictably, some of the men took a different viewpoint, that sexual activity didn't count as having sex if there was no physical, real life interaction…

Often it takes a little extra to get where we want to be.

Empowering, enabling, overcoming

Rekindling the spark and exploring each other anew.

Couples in Touch

Finding that place where stress, anxiety and frustration are stilled.

Relaxation, calm and sleep

Experiential audios to help You