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eSensual WellBeing the Sex Positive Self

Master Practitioners of NLP

It is not about what others think, or the ‘good advice’ they may give you.

What you feel you need is the most important element for your own well being.

It may be to explore yourself and your sensuality, to awaken your libido or rediscover what has become quiet in a too busy life.

Here you will find content and prompts to help you  in your quest.

Using our skills and experience as Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming, published Authors, scriptwriters and recording artists, we produce immersive audio content that will enhance your sensual and sexual experiences and well being.

We offer safe alternatives to drugs and medications with worrying side effects. Over 12 years of results that prove the benefits and literally satisfied millions of women just like you.

Our Vision and Direction

These are difficult times and often we can put others before ourselves when it comes to care and attention. Self care is a fundamental need if we are all to be able to work through our difficulties and improve our general and sexual well being.

One of our Directors frequently talks of the Oxygen Mask Task. If you travel by plane one of the elements of the safety advice is that in the unlikely event of an emergency, you need to secure your own Oxygen face mask before seeking to help others.

This principle applies when it comes to our personal well being and self care. It is what this site is all about.

Libido concerns?

Too busy for sex?

Explore sensuality?

Safe alternatives?

Whatever you need...