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The latest scanning techniques show the various parts of our brain that light up like a Christmas tree when we are having sex.

…just headphones and my smartphone, iPod or laptop?

The Brain is the biggest sex organ in the human body. (OK let's get the jokes about guys thinking with the small head out of the way and move on?) Seriously, all sex happens in the Brain.

Neuroscience studies have mapped our pleasure centres and fired electrical impulses into them to get subjects off at the flip of a switch. The latest scanning techniques show the various parts of our brain that light up like a Christmas tree when we are having sex. We are aware of the impact of brain chemicals such as Oxytocin (the 'snuggle' hormone, though I prefer to call it the Cwtch hormone), Serotonin and Dopamine. We know that our brains are luxuriously soaking in a complex chemical bubble bath that directly affect how we feel and react to sensation and stimuli.

Then there is the ability of the brain to remake itself, (neuroplasticity) to make new connections, learn new skills and abilities. We even understand where our consciousness may sit, where our sense of awareness, personal reality and possibly where free will may live; the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

"Yawhhn! Too much geeky, nerdy brain stuff, cut to the chase!"

Yes, Okay I am getting to the point here, bear with me just a little longer?

A colleague recently experienced an Oculus Rift headset and found it amazing, if a little disorienting and felt some nausea after effects. What they said was that "it was like a weird daydream, but without having to make any conscious effort. It will be great with some of the immersive computer games out there."

Take all the above and then add in the most powerful Virtual Reality game console ever; our imagination.

If our brains can be spoofed into feeling what we can only see using a hi-tech headset, is some sort of reality, imagine if we had all of our senses engaged in an experience, just how amazingly real would that feel?

I am not talking something like a Holodeck from the Star Trek Universe here, or a haptic full body suit (Teslasuit) or even a VR sensory glove (Gloveone).

What if all you needed to sink into just the best virtual sex experience ever, was an .mp3 player, some comfortable earbuds and a quiet, private place to be alone?

"What, no expensive, state of the art #SexTech, just headphones and my smartphone, iPod or laptop?"


"Enough with the fake testimonials, already, I get it! So where do I get mine?"

All the above are honest feedback comments left by users of Directed Erotic Visualisation© If you want to know more about the background to what DEV© is and may do for you, click for more…


Other colleagues reminded us of several Directed Erotic Visualisation© users who had said that they had to stop using the audios because they were with a new partner and it felt like they were 'cheating'. Others brought up those listeners who had said they were quite OK with having multiple orgasms listening to DEV© audios, as their Impossible Lover was not really there so it couldn't possibly count.

Bearing in mind what can be done with Directed Erotic Visualisation©, the discussion got tangled up with what was real and what was virtual. Some felt that if it felt real then it was, others took the stand that it had to be objectively real to count as such.

In the end we all agreed to disagree and get on with creating the latest DEV© audio experiences. Fantasy experiences that can transport the listener to a virtual internal sensual world. A place in their minds where they can feel, sense and have very real, physical climactic and orgasmic experiences.

I have done a lot of thinking on some of the points we talked about over the years.

…just headphones and my smartphone, iPod or laptop.