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Frequently Asked Questions about Directed Erotic Visualisation©

Q. Can I feel things in DEV©?

A. participants or Collaborators (the experience during DEV© is a collaboration between the listener and the Narrator/Narratrix.) report that they can actually feel the sensation of sexual activity during the experience. Oral, penetrative and anal sex are all capable of being felt and experienced. Sensations associated with light BDSM, such as caning, flogging, binding and electro stimulation are also capable of being recreated in realistic sensory detail during a DEV© Experience. One thing that appears to be a little more difficult to recreate is the deceptively ‘simple’ kiss! Collaborators who have never physically experienced some of the stimuli being described find themselves able to ‘imagine’ the sensations. The highly descriptive and evocative language used in DEV© helps in this.

Q. There are Recorded DEV© audio experiences to download and to buy, but there are references to ‘personalised’ experiences. What are the differences?

A. One is an immersive MP3 audio file with an erotic scene or fantasy story that can be downloaded, stored and replayed; the other is a DEV© performance recorded just for you, incorporating your particular desires and fantasies. These are one off, intimate and very personal experiences commissioned by you. The latter are consequently much more effective and meaningful. There are now several ways to access an experience personalised for your needs, read below for more.

Q. Can I be ‘in’ a DEV© Experience?

A. DEV© Audio Experiences are always undergoing development and improvement based on feedback and research. Fantasies and fetish evolve and change, there can be intense sexual imagery and warm comforting connections, it is just what you want to make it. 

You can now have your very own personalised audio DEV© experiences and scenes for a very reasonable production fee. Or you can become an Associate Patron of eSensualWellbeing click the Patron button above for info. Check out the questions that help us make them unique for you in the following ppages.

You can find out about directly commissioning your own personalised DEV© audio experiences by clicking HERE

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* 11 million Orgasms based on feedback from more than 8 million downloads of DEV© audios since 2008.

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