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The Personalised DEV© Questionnaire - For Women

Your Physical attributes:


Body type (Slim, Curvy, BBW, long limbed, petite etc.)

Hair - colour and length (Do you like your hair handled? Stroked, pulled, caressed etc.)

Body hair (shaved, trimmed or natural. This is so any mention  in your audio is appropriate)

Breasts/Nipples - are they sensitive? (Describe how you like them to be touched: Gripped, squeezed, tugged, nibbled, biting?)

Other erogenous spots (back of neck, anus, back of knees, elbows, feet etc.) anything you like or dislike to be done.


Do you like/dislike using - Dildo/vibe: Butt plug: Machine (Sybian* etc) *If you are unsure what a Sybian sex toy is, click on this link 

D/s - (Dominant/submissive)

Are you attracted to being instructed or directed in sexual play?

Are you aroused by not being in control of what happens ?

Would you like to take control of what happens sometimes?

BDSM - (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism.)

Do you wish/prefer light/medium/heavy experiences?

(Do you have any experiences of the following?)

Being erotically spanked? (By hand or with a paddle)

Clamps: nipple/clitoral

Cane/Riding Crop



* More

Sexual Practices & Preferences:

Oral sex:

(Receiving) do you enjoy/dislike, meaning cunnilingus (going down on you)

(Giving) do you enjoy/dislike, meaning fellatio/cunnilingus (giving head, going down on another )

Penetrative sex:


Vaginal (Hard, soft) long slow thrusts/shorter rapid thrusts. (What you want/enjoy, don’t want/dislike)

Anal (Hard, soft) long slow thrusts/shorter rapid thrusts. (What you want/enjoy, don’t want/dislike)