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eSensual WellBeing the Sex Positive Self

You rediscover each other with taste, tongue and lips. A sensational audio.

Get adventurous together and discover the pleasure of Anal play

For Men with ED or genital damage, an oral erotic audio experience

For Men with ED or genital damage a sexual encounter audio experience

A calming audio, to increase feelings of being valued, desired and safe

The warm sun on your skin, and an attentive partner helping you relax

A more sensual approach to relaxation with a loving partner

The two of you explore each other intimately, under sensitive direction

These experiential audios use the unique protocol of Directed Erotic Visualisation© to help the listener feel they are within the scene or fantasy experience.

Users can access very real sensations and emotional connections with the narrators or their partner, all within a safe and nurturing environment of their choice.  

More than 4 million listeners have experienced more than 11 million orgasms using Directed Erotic Visualisation©*

The experiences can be used as part of an Exposure Therapy regime overseen by a licensed Behavioural Therapist, or a personal programme of sensual growth, exploration and confidence.

There are relaxation and arousal experiences, audio to help partners reconnect and explore new boundaries as well as erotic experiences designed for men with erectile issues or genital injury.

Many more audios are available for a variety of experiences/needs.

There is also an ongoing project of creating and producing NEW programmes to address Female Libido issues, overcoming bad experiences and recovering personal sensuality.

Experiential Audios & DEV©

Most of these effective audio products make use of the power of Guided Visualisation and Directed Meditation

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You can support the NEW project to revive and enhance female libido, without chemicals and unpleasant side effects

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